Just call Miss Fix It

September 23, 2009 at 2:03 am (Clothing and Armor, Mod Releases)

With fall here, and through discussions with a friend I’ve realized how long my to-do list really is…with life and computer projects.  I’ve also realized that I spend entirely too much time focusing on trying to fix the small things…but with a few projects requiring major fixes I decided to save what’s left of my hair by taking a break and moving on to something that I thought just needed a bit of love.

This was an outfit I mixed together ages ago, the first time I ever shared a screenshot I received messages for days asking for it.  Why I never really put 100% into fixing it sooner I’ll never know.  Assuming it’s a small job, I loaded it up in blender and fixed a few issues I knew it had.

Wow, I wish I had tested it better.  I discovered massive amounts of clipping.  Took me the better part of a day to fix all of it up, but I still had clipping with the boots in the back of the leg.  I tried everything.  I was about ready to throw it back in the WIP folder when I noticed the original boots had it too and no one seemed to mind much.  I told myself I can drive myself insane trying to fix it or release it and wash my hands of it.  So here it is…Westwind Rogue for HGEC.



In other Miss Fix It news, the other day I got my webpage all “fixed up” after a hacker had left malicious codes in the 404 and 403 pages at Elric.com.  Since I had streamlined my website, it took days of coding and exploration just to finally figure out why….though one whole day would have been shaved off the experience if the “most trusted” html scanner hadn’t been changing the url in my index page.  I just couldn’t understand why it was picking up the mal code.  *facepalm*  Just to let you know, Elric’s on vacation so if you stop by Elric’s site run web protection and if you encounter a 404 page (page not found) or 403 page (page forbidden) you might want to run a scan.  We’ll get that taken care of sooner or later.

Hackers suck at life.


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