Lessons Learned

September 24, 2009 at 4:45 pm (Website Updates)

Yesterday, I learned a very interesting life lesson- pot roast may be used as a weapon. No seriously….ouch. While I won’t tell you how or why I learned that lesson, I can help you with other lessons which need to be learned.

Due to the popularity of my Morrowind Mod Installation Tutorial, I’ve uploaded an Oblivion Mod Installation Tutorial. Frequently asked questions are included, as per usual. It touches base on the parts of a mod, manual installation, my 7zip shortcuts (really can’t tell when the last time I installed a mod any other way), OMODs, and gives some helpful links for archive invalidation, etc. I know, there’s a million other tutorials out there for mod installation…but I’m constantly getting emails and private messages about how to install Shadowcrest Vineyard. Many times, I toss other people’s tuts to those people, but a few times I’ve received answers such as “there is too much information, I don’t know where to start” or “that tutorial is too complicated.”

Hopefully, I’ve made it to the point and clear. Hope it helps those in need, and if you think of anything else that needs added, well…see that contact button on the site? It won’t bite you….

P.S. For only having this blog up a few days, it’s gotten a fair amount of hits (and I’ve even gotten a few messages about my sneaky blog link posting on my webbie.) All these views and no love? Don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi.



  1. Taocat said,

    I just wanted to say thankyou. You have some of the most AWESOME mods for Oblivion. I’m sure I’ve used some of yours for Morrowind also, but it has been too long ago to recall. There are always the jerks who bash people’s work just to be jerks. Don’t let the ba&^%s have the satisfaction. There are too many of us who would be less fortunate without your work. Keep it up for all of us who do appreciate, which is probably a lot more than you think!


  2. Moxica said,

    Hey thanks for all the great mods! I’m a very basic modder a best, so I really enjoy other peoples mods. Yours are some of my favorites! If you ever leave Tesnex because of the critics (which are always the ones that have nothing to share but their comments, that are a product of jealousy) please, please let me know where you go. In fact if you know of some other smaller sites that others have gone to, I would love to know. Of course, I totally understand if you choose to keep them to yourself.
    I found Slof’s Hive couple of months ago, and now yours. If these are the only 2 I ever know of, I have no complaints.
    You do great work and you’re one of my favorite modders!
    Sorry that there are so many ungrateful children out there that you’ve had to deal with.
    Maybe you can make a pot roast weapon mod, now? 🙂
    Thanks again!

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