Clamshell Cottage Files Of The Month

October 7, 2009 at 2:06 am (Housing, Mod Releases)

I’ve been meaning to stop by and blog about Clamshell Cottage getting the most votes for September 2009’s Files Of The Month at TesNexus. Thanks to all who voted! While it didn’t win the Oblivion Real Estate Water Homes challenge, it was a very difficult modding time and this honor feels really nice! I started receiving threats during that time from an over zealot forum goer, began getting ill, and I actually dropped out of the competition for a few weeks before I decided it was best to re-enter about a week before the deadline to not let other people have power over what I like to do.

Then, it got a bad rating on nexus from someone. When politely questioned, they responded they just didn’t like it and that’s all they had to tell me. Well, to rate a file on Nexus you have to first download it. Everything about the cottage is shown in the screenshots, there’s no hidden environments…the ambiance you see is what you get. So this person took the time to download it, wait a few hours, and then come back to rate it poorly. That as a modder was quite upsetting, because negative ratings usually reflect technical issues with mods.

So for all who voted- you are awesome in so many amaz-a-zing ways. I really can’t thank you enough! You made all that hassle so much more worth it. I appreciate the support, thank you again!

If you haven’t checked out Clamshell Cottage here’s a link. It comes in COBL flavor too…


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