I do what I want! I think…

October 13, 2009 at 5:16 pm (Rant)

The past week has been somewhat of a challenging week for me. The latest Oblivion Real Estate challenge opened up earlier this month. While working dilegently on a “country home”, I’ve discovered there’s just so much of this I’ve already done and I’ve been pushing myself to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things. The decorating part has always come easy, not this time. I’ve been plagued with “decorator’s block!”

After several hours of staring at a corner of a room, I can usually struggle past it. However, this past week I’ve received a few emails and a nexus comment about my style of decorating that have really begun to get under my skin. Immersive lighting (not the BAM YOU BLIND lighting that the game tends to have), lush floral settings, and clutter are things that tend to be my modders thumb print when making an interior. It seems some people don’t like these things and have decided that complaining about it in my email is the way to handle such things….instead of uninstalling the mod or learning how to modify the mod themselves to their liking. If you like something, stop by and let the author know! It seems sometimes we hear an awful lot of criticism about some incredibly small things while we are offering you something we worked very hard on for free to enjoy.

All this has left me with a struggle- keep doing what I like to do, or try to make something that appeals more to the masses while still trying desperately to make it mine? That evil bunny that lives inside of me wants to push even further to make it even more lush, even more cluttered, and even more FPS hitting than ever before. Tell me what to do? I do what I want! I think…

One last note: I realize detailed interiors may not always work well on some systems, but above all I mod for my own system…not yours. I recently made a joke about taking stock out in computers and making a mod that will blow up your computer. One person took this not as joke, and the joke had to be removed. However if I make a mod and your computer cannot handle it do us both a favor- I am not you and your computer is not mine…remember that. It runs on mine, and this mod is mine. Go complain to someone else, uninstall the mod…whatever you want to do. I won’t cry if you don’t use it, but chances are you’ll irritate me to a major degree if you go complaining to me about how your computer can’t run my mod. Upgrade, learn to mod, or take up knitting…




  1. The Laughing man said,

    Hang in there. Yes the ORE stuff can get..repetative…but hey..do somthing different…uhhh…Pigs in space? Not to sure…hugs?

  2. Helol said,

    Indeed Some people can be Utterly Brainless I however thing your style of modding is a very Unique style With the Ivy the plant pots the actually cooking in houses And all the features of “millstone Farm” I still after 1 week of playing haven’t actually tried all of the Uses!

    Hang in there Korana!

    Helol over and out!

  3. Castor said,

    Discovered your mods a while ago and finally meandered over here to see what was up. Have to say your mods are quite impressive, I make sure to check periodically for new additions. Had to reply to this rant both because I would like to apologize for my fellow homo sapiens for we are an ignorant lot much of the time, and because your picture at the end of the post was awesome. I appreciate your patience. Thank you.

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