Screw you guys, I’m going home.

October 26, 2009 at 6:55 pm (Rant)

I would like to start out by re-posting the fabulous screenshot thread warnings from the official Forums:

NO criticism should be directed at the PERSON – only at his or her WORK.
Also, whatever criticism is presented, it should NOT be negative in general terms – such as, “That screenie is really lame.” This type of non-specific criticism only insults and does not provide any help whatsoever. Or even worse, this kind of criticism: “You are a silly man with a silly idea.” If you really must say something negative to someone outside of this simple “code”, keep it off this thread!

Another bottom line rule on this thread we have learned over time: If you find a post really offensive, REPORT IT AND IGNORE IT! The moderators know how to quickly deal with any such situation, and will remove any offensive posts, if they are actually offensive. Arguing or making demands regarding the post, invariably ends up worsening the situation, and can even result in all involved parties getting a warning.

Also, some posts can be too vague and subject to interpretation – so please word your posts very clearly to avoid any misunderstandings, especially if they are critical in nature.

Commenting on style of play in screenshots:
Due to a recent resurgence of abusive posts, any comments concerning the style of play a member employs should be constructive and friendly – and always aligned with the standards for commenting within this topic and on this Forum. Members have a wide variety of playing styles and of capturing screens – and no subjective (or moral, ethnic, political, religious, cultural, social, sexual, etc.) preferences should be dictated to others as right or wrong on this thread. All members are encouraged to post their screens regardless of their style of play – as long as they stay within the rules of this Forum and thread.

Seems like a pretty simple thing to follow, right? Apparently wrong. Lately, in several communities it seems there has been constant flaming for people uploading screenshots in their style of play. It’s a fantasy game, why can’t we run around in skimpy armor? Why can’t we just do what we want in our own game and not have to worry about persecution from others when we share our screenshots that we’ve worked hard to set up and/or edit?

So, here’s my plea to people reading this- STOP. There is no point to trying to ruin the enjoyment of the game for others. You may think you are clever or cute by pointing out that most characters are female, but your actions have consequences. Realize them!

You are making people feel alienated and not wanting to share. How would you feel if someone came along and did that to you? I’ve spoken with several people lately who have retreated to smaller venues to share works and screenshots because of people doing similar things. Even at times it makes me want to scream “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”



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  1. Eric the Red said,

    Thank you Korana for saying it.

    Even with a capped 255 mods in the Wrye Mash, the look of my game is still fairly pedestrian. I opted for more substance (interaction, dialogue, and changes for the NPCs) than the aesthetic overall look of the game. Not everyone possesses the most advanced system, nor resources. My own gaming is done on an old Dell Insiprion 2200 Writer’s Model. My Zune has three times the capacity than my notebook.

    That said, it is my fondest game. If I share Screenshots, it has often been to show how much I appreciate the modding community than to do any virtual “Gigabyte” waving. Pity that some have forgotten that what made the game great in the first place, was the open ended and “play as you want” nature of it. I’ve been waiting since “Pong” for a game of this style (no exaggeration) and even though they give Morrowind away on the cover of gaming magazines, it will always be my favorite. It still has more of a continual play value than most platform games.

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