The Woodcutter’s Cabin

December 14, 2009 at 11:05 pm (Housing, Mod Releases)

New mod, up on Nexus. Ahh power modding at it’s best. I thought I spent two weeks on this, then I looked at the date I actually started and the time I took off it…only a week. Enjoy Christmas in the mountains (or everyday really!)

You arrive in Cheydinhal and overhear a rumor that a man they call The Woodcutter has gone missing. Once you find him
you gain entry into a snowy mountain valley, where a rustic cabin awaits you! This cabin is well suited towards fighter
types, role playing nords, or anyone looking for a less feminine place for their characters to call home.

To start the quest visit Cheydinhal. If you’re already in Cheydinhal or in a house within Cheydinhal’s walls you’ll
over hear this rumor. A map is included to the mountain pass. Once you’ve found the woodcutter, you may instantly
fast travel to the pass once you’ve been given the location. Once through the pass, follow the path to find the cabin.

You will need Tamriel’s border regions disabled to reach the mountain pass. It sits just outside the border.


* The house sits inside it’s very own world space for you to explore…a snowy mountain valley. (If parts looks familiar
it’s because I copied Pale Pass and started from there…this mod was completed in under two weeks.)

* You may chop wood at the chopping block if you have an iron war axe equipped.

* You may light or un-light the fires inside the cabin if you have the wood, or a shovel to put out the fires with. If
not, you’ll burn yourself. (A shovel is by the front door.)

* You may repair your weapons at the repair anvil. When activated, a repair hammer will be added to your inventory if you
do not have one.

* You may forge iron weapons at the forge…if you have iron ore. There is a mine located within the mountain valley where
you may collect iron ore…but you have to work for it!

* There is a working sauna included underneath the house (great for avoiding those chilly floors!) You control it’s on or
off status.

* You may craft fur armor on an armor dummy inside the house if you have enough pelts to use. In a jam for some pelts? Try
exploring the area, you might just encounter some hunting!

* You may fill a crude metal tankard (don’t worry, there are plenty around the house!) with mead at the keg in the kitchen.
When you drink the tankard of mead, you receive an empty tankard to use again. If you’ve sold all your tankards or lost them,
there is a respawning case of them behind the bear skin curtain on the right side of the bed. This is the ONLY container that
respawns so do NOT store items in that crate. It is properly labelled.

* If you have lit the fire in the kitchen, you may take a chunk of venison off the roasting meat in the fireplace.

* A doored cabinet contains your alchemy and medicinal supplies:
Activate the bandages to have your health restored
Activate the ointment of energy to have your magicka restored
Activate the ointment of dispel to dispel unwanted magical effects
Activate the ointment of cure disease to cure yourself.

There is also a chest here designed specifically for ingredient storage.

You may also activate the mortar and pestle in the cabinet to open up a static alchemy menu, meaning you can
use it to perform alchemical experiments without needing to carry and equip alchemy equipment…just your

11) You may sleep in the bed, or curl up in front of the fireplace for a quick nap.
This mod has been cleaned with Tes4edit

Download available at TesNexus:


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  1. princessstomper said,

    Just what I was looking for! 😀

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