Millstone Farm and Millstone Farm COBL Named ORE’s Country Homes Challenge Winner

January 12, 2010 at 4:06 am (Housing, Mod Releases)

The quintessential country cottage, with it’s working water wheel, ivy covered walls and quaint decor. There is so much to see and do in this unique home. Start by uncovering an intriguing and somewhat dark history behind the home. When you have ownership of the home it is time to explore the many, many unique and interactive aspects. From general household chores like baking, doing laundry, sewing and cooking, to caring for the animals and tending the garden. Not to mention soap making, pottery, painting, crafting and so much more! This house is the role players dream and will keep you entertained for a very long time.


Millstone Farm, winner of Oblivion Real Estate’s Country Homes Challenge, is now available at Nexus. Also available to those who have downloaded while it was an Oblivion Real Estate exclusive are the compatibility patches for Unique Landscapes “Ancient Yews” and Millstone Farm.

I’ve also made a COBL version available.

For those new to Millstone Farm, it’s most likely the most interactive house mod made. Every corner offers some variety of crafting or activity, and there’s something for almost every character to enjoy. The readme is 20 pages, but for ease of reading to learn if Millstone is right for you please visit the online readme and read the features list:

There’s many more screenshots available at Nexus…but to really understand the level of playability you must read the feature list!



  1. Valaris said,

    hi korana! i truly love all of your mod 🙂 but my favorite was the Solsthiem castle mod i cant find the mod on any modding site and i was wondering if you could post it on your blog. i know this is more than likely not the place to ask but im new to your blog

  2. centime said,

    Korana, I owe you a deep debt of graditude, not only for your phenomenal Millstone Farm mod (I nearly wept when I got there), but for all your outstanding housing mods, Oblivion and Morrowind.

    It is very clear that you put a great deal of work and care into everything you create, and the detail of your mods is astounding. Everything carefully placed, with the player’s needs thoughtfully regarded.

    I don’t have much peace in my life right now, but when I go to Millstone Fare I am enveloped in such a feeling of peace, the mood of the farm manifests in RL for me and I feel renewed.

    Please forgive the cornyness of my comment; I can’t adequately and neatly express the mood that your mods – especially Millstone Farm – put me into. I so appreciate all the dedicated hard work you put into creating your mods.

    I hope that whatever you are now doing is fulfilling, and that hardship is not a part of your life. Thank you so much.


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