The Hidden Elves

March 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm (Mod Releases, Playable Races)

This mod adds a race, and 3 variants, for player use. HGEC, Roberts Male, Roberts Female, and UFF are supported.

The race uses Ren’s head mesh, modified to some degree with a brand new texture. There are 20 brand new eyes (which glow and glimmer),
and each of the 3 variants of the race has it’s own unique eyes in addition to the base eyes of the race in general. The rac has white
teeth and eyelashes.

Also known as “Haldmer” to the people of the Summerset Isles. In the years that followed The Summerset Isles joining the Empire,
piracy and trade from High Rock increased. It is believed that many Breton men took Altmer women as their mistresses. The children
of these illegal matches were considered impure to the tradition-bound Psijic Order, who sought to remove any trace of such impurities
from history. Any child of half blood was put to death before the sun set on their first day. The few that remained hidden from the
watches of the Order remained in exile for hundreds of years.

On occasion, Knights of the Order would hunt down and capture the Haldmer. These prisoners proved themselves as useful laborers and
militia, and the Altmer adopted the process of secretly trading and enslaving the children instead, it is even rumored that slaves
began to be intentionally bred. Only in the recent years with the cultural unrest in the Summerset Isles have the Elves become to be
released from the bonds of servitude.

For stats and download, please stop by the usual haunt:


1 Comment

  1. Marthos said,

    Truly excellent work, the most beautiful Oblivion race mod in existence.

    To others:

    Korana is without peer and her mods are flawless, download and use with confidence.

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