The ‘nDywyll

October 26, 2010 at 10:48 am (Mod Releases, Playable Races)

Download at nexus:

Name: The ‘nDywyll
Version: 1
Date: 10/25/2010
Category: Races
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, Custom Race Fix, Body Mods, optional hair pack (See requirements section below)
Author(s): Korana


This mod adds a race, with 2 facial variants. HGEC and Roberts Male are supported.

The race uses Ren’s head mesh, modified to some degree with a brand new texture. There are 30 new eyes (which glow and glimmer), The race is
based off the traditional “drow” character, with dark skin and white eyebrows. The race has white teeth, and black eyelashes eyelashes. One
variant has darker, more montone lips (which work better for a male) and the other has pinker lips (which work better for female.)

Once the ancestors of the Chimer the ‘n Dywyll descended into the darkest depths in shame and fear after Azura turned their eyes red and their
skin dark during The War of the First Council as punishment for using the profane tools. The ‘n Dywyll move within the shadows, and can summon
a Spiderling for protection. Over time, the ‘n Dywyll have left the depths, and their eyes have adjusted more to the light. Breeding with other
species of elves has resulted in more eye colors.



Str 40
Int 40
Wil 50
Agi 30
Spd 40
End 30
Luc 50
Pers 40


Str 40
Int 40
Wil 50
Agi 30
Spd 30
End 30
Luc 50
Pers 40

Skill Bonus

Illusion 5
Alteration 5
Light Armor 5
Blade 5
Security 10
Sneak 10
Acrobatics 5

Shadow Hunter – Invisibility, Night Eye, and Detect Life for 60 seconds on self (Power)
Summon Spiderling – Summon Spiderling for 40 seconds (Ability)
Blinding Burn – Weakness to Fire 5 points (Ability)

Dark Elf +5


– Oblivion Patch
– Custom Race Fix (Unless you are using an alternate start mod) to allow proper dialogue in tutorial dungeon
and thus proper starting to the main quest. I recommend the following:
– Roberts Male (versions 3 – 5 will function, but 5 is perferred to have proper texture alignment)


– Moonshadow Elves (SP Hair Pack Beta Ver 1_0 ONLY)

You do not need to download and install that race unless you want to. You just need the meshes and textures from
SP Hair Pack Beta Ver 1_0, located under optional files.


In order for best results with texture seams, I recommend Luchaires HGEC Body Seam Reducer. The face egt included in this race uses one
based off Luchaires, as it provided the smoothest texture result around the mouth. While all bodies for all races share the same egt,
installing the Seam Reducer will help manage seams on all races, especially this one.

1. Extract this archive to your Oblivion directory, or extract to a temporary directory and manually copy
over files if you prefer.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher (Or Mod Manager if preferred), click ‘Data Files’, place a checkmark beside

To change an existing characters race, you can open up the console by hitting the ~ key and entering in the console: showracemenu
Please be advised that on occasion this has been known to reset your characters stats so if you choose to use this method PLEASE

I recommend resetting the character’s face after switching races, and then making adjustments to the face.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck Hidden_Elves.esp (I don’t advise removing while your character uses the race)
2. CAREFULLY delete the following folders:
3. Delete n_Dywyll_Elves.esp


– When viewed at a certain angle, one might notice the eyelashes have a bit of a gap. This was a problem noted by the original eye lash
authors. While I had success on creating a set of eyelashes that fit Ren’s head perfectly, they however lost the abilty to blink when
I did so. Untill I sort that issue out, the eyelashes will simply have a gap. I am not sure if you can adjust the facial sliders to
accomidate this, as I hardly adjust my characters eyes.

– Some hairs clip with the ears, however I chose to include them.

– The races were designed for MY female characters, and therefore might not look to fantastic on male characters.

– While I did my best to remove body seams, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be! With HGEC, my character has very minimal if any neck seam.
Keep in mind neckseam can change with body shading variants in outfits and in lighting. If you are having issues with the neck seam please
try one or all of the following:

1) Install Luchaires HGEC Body Seam Reducer (no need to rename and move face egt file, I’ve already done this for you!)

2) RESET the face before adjusting facial sliders.

3) Open up your ini and change bFaceGenTexturing=1 to bFaceGenTexturing=0
This will disable the skin texture sliders!

– The ears refuse to match up, so if you despise it use a hair which covers the hair/ear seem!

– On some characters, Ren’s pony tail with bangs may clip with your head. While I’ve conformulated the hairs to Ren’s Head 02, this
particular hair would not fit properly when conformulated and remains uncomformulated.

– I did not conformulate a few hairs for a few reasons: 1) The SP Hair Pack is not mine to mess with, nor can I include
any files for it in this download and 2) The hair that I converted by Mandamus seems to want to break each time I conformulate it. You may
have clipping with your characters head or face, and will need to adjust the sliders to accommidate. Also, the SP Hairs clip with the ears.

– I did not make skin textures for UFF or Robert’s Female. If anyone wants to color match them and share them I will happily upload them! However,
I ask that you do not upload them yourself!

10/25/2010 – Version 1


You can find me under “Korana” at ORE, nexus, or or
You can email me at the following address: but due to some recent
mis-adventures I’d prefer contact via one of the above forums. Thanks for understanding!


Thanks to Ren for several hairs, the head mesh, eye meshes, and original eye texture (also thanks to Capucine,
Daeger, and Ranma-Chan for assisting Ren!)

Thanks to Throttlekitty and Jclyde6108 for the eyelashes

Thanks to Luchaire for the eyelash texture, and the face egt

Thanks to Navetsea for the HGEC body and hand textures I modified.

Thanks to Scanti for the conformulator, and the merged mouth mesh

Thanks to KafeiDotour for the ears (with another thank you to Scanti for the assistance to KafeiDotour!)

Thanks to idkrrr for the many wonderful hairs from the Sulhwa, Corean, and Saram races

Thanks to Fallen20 for the peggy sims hair conversion

Thanks to PeggySims for the original hair:

Thanks to Exnem, RAIAR & MadCat221 for HGEC

Thanks to Team Fantasy Figures: AcidRain, Corwyn, Daede, Kalikut, Oubliette, Robert, SickleYield

Thanks to Robert for his male and female bodies

Thanks to Kendo2 for the invaluable information about the luck, and for playtesting version 1.1!

Thanks to Slygothmog for the idea of weakness to normal weapons!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, endorsed, and shared screenshots of their characters! I truely appreciate it!

Thanks to LHammonds for the readme generator.

Thanks to Mandamus for the Alienor hair

Tools Used
7-Zip –
NIFSkope –
Photoshop –
The Conformulator –
Readme Generator –


You may not modify or distribute this mod as a whole.

You may not modify the race in any way and release an esp without prior consent.

You may not use the HGEC body textures without consent of Navatsea.

You may not use my face textures without prior consent (I hardly say no, but I’m not nice when my wishes are not met!)

However, you *CAN* use the eye textures by me for any race mod or project you wish too, as long as credit to Ren and myself is given.
I originally intended to release only them as a resource, and then decided to go ahead and share the entire project.

Any mesh and texture not mentioned above can be used as per the original terms of their creators. However, I ask that you download them
from their original locations and use the original files as many egts have been modified for this project.



  1. Moxica said,

    So just when I think I have all the mods I need, including a couple of my own, you make a Drow race. They just happen to be my favorite race of all and since you’ve made this one, I already know it’s gonna be good!
    It’s great to see you modding again and I’m very happy to have new mods from you.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. peter said,

    can you feel it
    can you feel what’s coming????????
    e l d e r s c r o l l s
    V !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chacsoda said,

    Hey Korana,

    I saw all of your work and adore it 🙂 I can’t use your Oblivion mods(I don’t have it), but when my Morrowind CD worked(it’s broken now), I enjoyed your mods 🙂

    And, I was wondering… I released a mod( ), but now, I noticed I forgot to ask permission 😦 Is it okay if I use your meshes?

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