Don’t tell Mom I’m blogging

September 21, 2009 at 2:21 am (Mod WIPS)

I guess at some point it was inevitable, I had to join the blogging world.  I have to be honest, in the past most of the blogs I’d stumble across on the internet consisted of over the top political talk or what shoes to wear with which more-than-a-brand-new-car-purse.  Don’t worry, you won’t see that from me.  I mainly started this to keep a written record of where my crazy bloated brain goes when it’s working on things.  Starting a forum is too much work as I’ve learned in the past, and I usually only start forum topics for WIPs when I need help or some serious input.

You’re welcome to stay.  Really, I wont bite you…hard.  Just a little om nom….

So I guess I should probably throw in some stuff about me too, since the second the fam gets wind of a blog they’ll be wanting updates galore.  *sigh*  This is the part I suck at.  Yes, I’m the type of person who applies for jobs and really dreads the “so tell me about yourself part.”  I either rampantly overshare or say something stupid.  Let’s do both this time around!  I’m a 26 year old woman living in North Idaho….almost 27…do not want to think about that.  Life is usually pretty good, I’ve got great family who I’ve recently discovered really keep me going.  My fiance is fantastic-ish (can be a pain sometimes but I love him).   Normally, there’s not much big news in my life.  I tend to like the low key end of things.  Things like taking a nice drive on a sunny day, modding, and all that jazz.

Since I know I have to discuss in case the family finds my new e-sanctuary (nah I loves ya…) Well, the last few months have been interesting.  Back in May, I came down with a MRSA infection.  Due to it being misdiagnosed I did countless rounds with insufficient antibiotics.  Those antibiotics literally tried to make my head explode.  I came down with a relatively rare disorder called pseudotumor cerebri.  Translated, it means fake tumor.  My body thinks it has a tumor on the optic nerve, which has caused some loss of eyesight and my head to fill up like a water balloon with my own spinal fluid.   Really freaking awesome eh?

Anywho, since I started this to keep track of projects…let’s do that huh?  Recently I’ve been fighting a loosing battle with revamping Oblivion’s Spriggans and getting the lighting on an outfit to behave itself.  It seems I’m destined to fight with obnoxious backwards glowy things.


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